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The SunLeaf Difference / where ingredients matter

At SunLeaf, our mission is pure and simple: create beautiful products that perform and smell amazing and allow real plant power to shine through! To do this, we carefully select each ingredient for its healthful benefits and source within sustainable supply chains. You’ll experience the SunLeaf difference in our pure soaps, moisturizing balms, body oils, pillar candles and natural reed diffusers.

SunLeaf founder Teresa Andrys, SunLeaf ingredients and products
  • All of our products are 100% designed, tested and created at SunLeaf by our owner and founder, Teresa Andrys. With many years of experience as a professional formulator of body care and home care products, Teresa applies her expertise of botanicals, essential oils and green chemistry to develop each SunLeaf product.
  • As a family-owned and operated company, we offer a healthy dose of Minnesota nice for easy ordering and friendly customer service. Our quality standards go above and beyond by strictly adhering to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This means that we do all the steps to ensure consistent quality.
  • Being based in the land of 10,000 lakes, SunLeaf is big on water. Each product is biodegradable and clean. In addition, we donate 5% of profits to protecting fresh water resources.

The SunLeaf Promise

SunLeaf Promise: Absolutely:
Everything is handcrafted in small batches at the SunLeaf facility located in Waconia, Minnesota USA. No outsourcing the design, development or manufacturing of any SunLeaf product.
We use 100% pure plant ingredients that provide healthful benefits to people and our planet. All non-GMO, certified organic when available. No synthetic dyes, sulfates, parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals used.
People happily test our products because they’re safe and clean. No animal testing.
Our scents are custom blends of 100% pure essential oils. No synthetic chemical fragrances.

Our Customers' Words

I love SunLeaf Naturals soaps! My search has ended!

"Thank you so much for making such fantastic soaps! Throughout my travels I’m always looking for small, value-driven companies that produce natural, responsible products for local markets. I was lucky enough to be introduced to SunLeaf Naturals in Madison, WI and it has now become the only soap I want to use. All of the scents are so refreshing and clean, and you can literally feel the purity with each use. It’s a relief to know that I (and my family) can start each day without the synthetics and chemicals all too commonly found in conventional soaps and cosmetics. Add to this the personal, responsive service provided by Teresa and Doug, and I’m left wondering how I ever lived without SunLeaf Naturals. I can’t wait to try the diffusers, candle and balms! Give SunLeaf Naturals a try: you'll love it!"

– Justin, from Bermuda

I'm hooked for life!

"I just wanted to send you guys an email to let you know how GREAT your product is. I'm a member at the Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis and I've tested and tried many of the local handmade soaps. I cannot tell you how much better your soap is then any other I've tried. The fact that it can be applied directly to my hair is amazing and it lathered up quicker and better than any shampoo I've ever used. Frankly, I was shocked. I use the Cedar Mint scent and it's just great, I love how I can feel the essential oils when I breathe in. I'm hooked for life, keep up the great work!"

– Rachel

What a pleasure...

"I am writing to tell you a story about your products and how wonderful they are. I am a real estate agent working in the western suburbs of Minnesota. I had a home listed that recently sold, a very lovely home. After the purchase agreement had been negotiated, inspections completed, etc., I received a phone call from the agent that had represented the buyer in the transaction, now mind you the property had not closed yet. He called to ask me a “huge favor” for the buyer moving here from Texas.

All the buyer wanted to know, of all the things a buyer moving thousands of miles away from home was, where did the owner get the wonderful scents throughout the house, and they wanted to make sure they too could find where to buy them. What a pleasure to let them know they are widely available and made right here in Minnesota!

Your products made a huge difference in the incredibly difficult real estate market. I will be telling every seller I have to use your diffusers at a minimum. They will be in all my listing packages!"

– Beth, Realtor

Simple, pure ingredients

"It's a pleasure doing business with SunLeaf Naturals. The people behind the products are beautiful and thoughtful and they shine through the entire line. Each product is well thought out and holds true to the company's philosophy of simple, pure ingredients blended to work. They also strive to use minimal packaging. I tell customers over and over again, this is a local product line anyone can feel really great supporting. We really love SunLeaf Naturals!”

Karyn Hjelden
Multi-store Wellness Manager
Lakewinds, Minnetonka MN

I love! Love! LOVE this product!

“I just love the bath/body soaps — after my shower the whole bathroom smells wonderful. The soaps lather beautifully and leave my skin and hair clean – with nothing left behind. This soap seems to have cured my need for skin moisturizers — I love! Love! LOVE! this product. All the scents are great, but my favorites are the Clary Sage Lavender and the Orange Ginger. Who'd a' thought!

The dish soap is awesome also — I have used a conventional product that you lather the cloth with to wash the dishes because it concentrates the soap where you need it — in the dish rag. Your dish soap cleans just as well and now I can do my dishes with a natural soap that doesn't have an army of chemicals in it. THANKS! I’m looking forward to more products!”

– Linda Landsman of Lakewinds Natural Foods, Chanhassen, Minnesota

Very impressive

"With long hair, I was doubting the shampoo bar would work. With this wonderful scent emanating from the bar, I rubbed it on my head. It lathered! Rinsing, I had that squeaky-clean kind of feeling. Nice. After showering, I let it dry naturally, because that’s where I can really tell how my hair feels. It looked and felt clean, healthy, and wavy not frizzy. Very impressive."

Jody Russell, The Fifty Mile Diet

Wow – I love the smell

“Wow – I love the smell of this soap for showering! It lathers up nice for shampoo and rinses clean. It’s so easy to take a shower at home or at the gym, I only need this bar.”

– Tom from Northfield, Minnesota

Headaches from fragrances – but not yours

“I’ve always been sensitive and got headaches from fragrances – but not yours. Your candles really look nice and burn beautifully. We tried the reed diffuser and I didn’t get a headache – I’m a fan of the essential oil instead of perfume."

– Beth from Cottagewood, Minnesota

Free of clutter

“I really like the fact my shower is free of bottles and clutter – just a bar of soap! Not to mention, it really lathers so nicely as shampoo.”

– Martha from St. Paul, Minnesota

Color lasts twice as long

"I just want to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful product your shampoo and body wash is. I use it as a shampoo only and have found that my hair coloring lasts twice as long as it used to. I cut my bar into thirds and use it that way. It lasts for months!"

– Charles Schons Minnetonka, MN

Love your product

"I love the ginger one and the lavender but I also want to try the cinnamon one. I don't know if you were the person who gave me samples of this product at Valley Co-op a week or so ago but I am so glad I tried it. I LOVE IT. My skin is softer and it's great on my hair. Also, I want to tell you that the bottoms of my feet have always been very rough and dry. All of that is gone now!! That is fabulous!"

– Pam

Local, natural, gentle...

"I love the soaps from SunLeaf Naturals. They fit all the criteria of a perfect product — they're local, natural, gentle, great-smelling, and work really well! They are perfect as gifts, for traveling, and for everyday use as your soap and shampoo."

Lauren Bartel, Wellness Manager
Linden Hills Cooperative
Minneapolis, MN

In love with your fine quality candles and diffusers

“Ooooo, I am in love with your fine quality candles and diffusers. The scents are spectacular and the presentation is pristine. My co-workers were flocking over to see where the yummy smells were coming from! It’s a tough job! I think this is the beginnings of a beautiful relationship.”

Crystel Curley, Mercantile Buyer
Viroqua Food Coop
Viroqua, WI 54665

WOW, what a candle!

“Teresa, I just want to say how much I am enjoying a SunLeaf Naturals candle that I recently picked up on a trip to Minneapolis. My 16 year old convinced me to drive her and three of her friends down to the Britney Spears concert two weeks ago from our home here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and while we were there I had the privilege of shopping at the Wedge natural food co-op. Where I happened to notice one of your candles. I am not generally a candle buyer, but this candle was screaming out to me. Especially when I read clarysage on it, I was absolutely intrigued, and quickly knew it was crossing the border with me. And trust me, your candle has found a wonderful home here!! To begin with, your candle is more than just a candle, it's an experience!!! At the end of the day, I can't wait to light it, and wait for the magic to happen. When I light it, usually at night, I am transformed. It really is an event. The clarysage is remarkably light and magical, seeming to have a wonderful impact on my clarity of thought and understanding. If a day goes by and I haven't had my candle 'experience' I miss it. Yesterday, on Easter morning, your candle accompanied my eldest daughter and I while we were lying in bed reading and talking and nibbling organic chocolate. Thank you so much, and thank you to all the members of your staff, for making such an amazing candle; for creating something with such amazing integrity which, I can assure you, is deeply appreciated this side of the border!! Thank you so much from a now newly-committed Canadian candle buyer!!”

– Sincerely, Judith Dickson

My absolute favorite!

"Your shampoo body bar is still my absolute favorite! I sell it all the time from great personal experience!!"

– Naomi Lundberg, HBC Valley Natural Foods

As soon as I tried it I was won over

"My wife recently purchased some of your shampoo and body soap bars. At first I was skeptical having never seen a shampoo in a bar but as soon as I tried it I was won over. It is so simple and wonderful and works great most importantly. Some of the things I love about it are that there are no containers involved, it is made with natural ingredients, It serves multiple purposes in one product, and another wonderful bonus is that you can travel with it without worrying about container sizes or what have you. I have rambled long enough. Thank you very much we love your product."

– Peace, Yuuki Metreaud

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