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SunLeaf Apiaries Honey

Introducing SunLeaf Apiaries honey, a raw, wildcrafted honey sourced directly from our very own hives at the SunLeaf Apiaries near the Seminary Fen Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) on the Minnesota River.

Small Bear 8 oz $7.49
Large Bear 12 oz $9.99
Small Glass Bottle 8 oz $10.49
Large Glass Bottle 16 oz $16.99

Our Commitment

SunLeaf Naturals is committed to protecting our fresh water resources, as well as our plant pollinators, both of which face challenges in response to urbanization and the use of certain persistent environmental pollutants.

The purchase of this product supports the research, education and stewardship of bees, with 5% of proceeds donated to the University of Minnesota Bee Lab. Our Bee-Friendly Honey Soaps and Filled Candle in Glass also share this distinction.

About the Seminary Fen

The Seminary Fen Scientific and Natural (SNA) area is a protected area located near Chaska, MN along the scenic Minnesota River. Home to one of the rarest types of wetlands in the United States, a calcareous fen, “this land is characterized by a substrate of non-acidic peat and an upwelling of cold oxygen-poor groundwater rich in calcium and magnesium bicarbonates” (“Minnesota Pollution Control Agency,” n.d.). Cold, clear water seeps upward from the bedrock below the Minnesota River, creating an environment that is home to animals and rare plants that thrive in this unique setting (“Minnesota,” n.d.). Protected in Minnesota since 1991 this and other similar areas cannot be drained, filled, altered or degraded; their unique characteristics provide ideal conditions for rare species of plants like the elusive white lady-slipper (“Minnesota,” n.d.).


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. (n.d.). Seminary Fen. Retrieved from

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